Ballet Journal

creating concepts, installations and prints inspired by ballet dancers from the Royal Ballet Covent Garden, who have been my muses and collaborated with me on my many projects.


 Blank Canvas

Concept and photography: Maya Amrami, model Melissa Hamilton.
Make up & hair: Hyewon Ahn


INPRINT 2012 Graphic Concept

Concept, Art Direction and graphic art: Maya Amrami
Photographer: Dave Wise.
Make up & hair: Hyewon Ahn

Melissa Hamilton, a muse and an incredible dancer.



Inspired by jungle birds and animals. Placing them in a lab like environment.

Concept, Art Direction and graphic art: Maya Amrami
Photographer: Odi Caspi –
Make up artists: Nina van Houten, HYEWON AHN, Gemma Fee

And a special thanks to these fantastic dancers and amazing people who inspire me every day! Mara Galeazzi, Johannes Stepanek, Hayley Forskitt, Nathalie Harrison, Olivia Cowley, Catherine Ladd, Lara Turk, Tristan Philip Dyer at the Royal Ballet company.



“And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling … Thrilled me – filled me with fantastic terrors.”

A variation on the Raven Poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Raven 2008

All garments were gathered, designed, printed and embellished specifically for this article by Maya Amrami and Guy Finkelstein.
Concept & illustration: Maya  Amrami
Special thanks the the beautiful and inspiring Laura McCulloch and Nathalie Harrison.


BARBI 2009.

Only in Elephant & Castle area, South London, you can find a furniture shop that displays a bed that looks like an adult Barbie bed. I just couldn’t resist creating the ultimate Barbie bedroom around this bed.

I wanted this concept to look like children playing with their Barbies, exploring sexuality and gender rolls through them, just like I used to do as a child.

Olivia Cowley & Henry St Clair as Barbie & Ken
Concept & Art Direction: Maya  Amrami
Photographer: Ben Hopper
Styling: Guy Finkelstein, Maya  Amrami
Makeup & hair: Nina Van Houten, Nikkolet Forrai

Later published on KURV magazine, Barbie Issue.


CONFLICT Video installation and performance 2008.

I created a series of work describing my journey as an immigrant using a screen printed fabric with my portrait on it.

In my quest to explore live performance and installation, I collaborated with Pietra Mallo-Pittman from the Royal Ballet company.