My work is essentially about Body – the presence of the body, or rather, the fragments of its presence; a physical body that is transformed and misplaced; locked into the two- dimensional surface it is printed upon. The print is an energy that helps it come to life, as it is neither alive, nor dead. It is a ghost. It is merely a trace, autobiographical, inspired by its creator, just like Frankenstein’s monster.

As individuals and as a society we are saturated with a variety or written texts and imagery feeding us with “tips” in areas of body image, beauty, fashion, diet, relationships, sex and more. Photoshop for me is something that symbolizes the times we are living in. Where everything is edited, and anything can be changed. Photography is a vital part of my work, I come up with concepts, research them, photograph them, illustrate them and create prints. These prints will become another stage in the development of the life cycle of my new prints.

Nick Knight Photographer
“Very Exciting work indeed. I loved the format you chose, and loved the boldness of your work. There is real sense of movement and grace. Collage is your medium, but you definitely have an eye for movement and beauty. You are creating exciting work and I am very interested to see where else you can go with it.”

Elle Korhaliller Bookings Editor at Tatler
” What a wonderfully creative portfolio. You obviously have a clear vision and identity that you are whole-heartedly sticking to and your efforts are great to see. I am hugely impressed by your creativity! “The Dancer” series are just breathtakingly beautiful and elegant and you’ve layered these images with a deft yet deliberate treatment that makes perfect sense. You sometimes come across photographers who try and incorporate illustration in to their images but I’d go so far to say I have hardly seen it presented better than in your work.”

Mimma Viglezio Creative consultant
“Your work reminds me of Louis Anderson, an artist who de-composes photographs. I really love what you do, I think it’s this is a style of photography… very interesting. There is honesty to what you do, keep doing it its great…”

Gemma Fletcher Senior Art Director at Getty Images
“Such an awesome series! Well done on picking a unique idea and really pushing yourself to develop it and take risks. Its refreshing to see someone really go for it and be bold. You created a strong and powerful project.”

Maya Amrami.

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