Visual Artist & Printmaker

Contemporary Printmaking

Usually, I am inspired/excited by and interested in people around me much more than by landscapes or inanimate objects and materials. Therefore, my work essentially is (auto)biographical body portraiture: of my own self and the selves of people close to me. My perception of my subjects consists of my own impressions, associations, the surroundings they occupy and their history. This relationship between artist and subjects defines a new space we are creating between us. In my work I utilize the most accessible means of print technology possible today: digital print, screen print, stencil, painting and collage, on top of diverse modern papers and fabrics.

Collage and Illustration

I experiment with concepts and photography. I make collages using Photoshop and mixing illustration. I am inspired by the overwhelming amount of information we process, the “fast food” imagery, social media. Photoshop for me is something that symbolizes the times we are living in. Where everything is edited, and anything can be changed.

Fashion Collaboration